Sorry for my absence lately. I have had Olympic Fever! A terrible thing, that Olympic Fever. I hear it has been going around. Things to watch for…trouble sleeping (staying up much too late to see the gold medal round), screaming fits (Come on! Come on!), hallucinations (Wow! I think I could do that!).

Back to the blog.

Our next adventure was to Williamsburg, VA. No, we didn’t see historical things there. (We did that a couple of years ago.) In fact, we did something very different. Nana and Bud took us to The Great Wolf Lodge!

Nana and Bud got us all checked in and ready for fun!

We each got little ID bracelets, sorry no picture. The bracelets were our passes into the water park AND our hotel keys! Very cool!

The girls played checkers in the lobby while we waited.

Let me say something about the rest of the pictures. First of all, we were just using a small pocket camera, something that could be shoved under a towel really fast if needed. Second, the rides were a blur of splashy fun! Not the best for photography. Third, we were having too much fun to bother with picture-taking. Sometimes you have to do that on vacation! Last…WE WERE IN SWIMSUITS!

Ok, we weren’t in swimsuits here. This was after our fabulous breakfast buffet! The waitress even gave the girls wolf ears to wear!

After letting our food settle for a little while, it was off to the main attraction!

See that big bucket on the top that says “Great Wolf Lodge”? Every so often, once it was full, that thing would dump GALLONS  of water down on whatever crazy kids (or poor mother) was standing under it! Squeals of delight/terror were unmistakable.

The wave pool was great. It wasn’t too terribly deep. This picture was taken while waiting for the waves to get going.

Megan tested out the surfing. It was harder than it looked. You had to wait a really long time for your turn, so she only tried this a couple of times.

Here is Katie enjoying some fountain stomping!

The pictures from the lazy river, the lily pads, and the slides were not really pictures for the world to see–especially the lily pad pictures!

I’m begging you to go to the website to see this place! It was great!

Katie loved the slides that you just sit down and swoosh into the water. Megan loved the bigger ones. You had to use a raft for those.

Chip and Bud rode the Howlin’ Tornado. I had no plans to ride that thing! Then my big mouth went and got in the way!

Bud showed up on day 2 in street clothes. I was giving him a hard time for not playing with us again. I told him I was planning to ride the tornado with him.


I couldn’t back out! He went and suited up. Chip, Bud, MEGAN and I rode the tornado!

Now, I am not really a thrill-seeker. I do good on the lazy river-type things. You know, float around observing.

This was the BIG ride! My heart was pounding! (That might have been from climbing the 88+ stairs to get to the ride!)

Chip said my face looked something like this…

Megan screamed the whole way! That girl has got some lungs! Nana and Katie, who were waiting at the end of the ride, heard the screams and just laughed and laughed!

Once we got past the major drop I did okay! The swooshing back and forth was fun. I’m telling you, check out the website.

Here is our victorious exit from the tornado. My arms are in the air. I am trying to remember if that was a double fist pump or a hallelujah!

There are 11 different Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark Resorts. I saw that Woman’s Day magazine is giving away a trip to the resort. Their offer ends 8/15/12. Hurry, maybe you’ll win a trip!