I finally made it to the Goodwill Outlet store! I have always been a thrifter. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” really speaks to me. Yes, I have been known to pull things out of another man’s trash.

The outlet store is not on my beaten path. I guess that is why it took me so long to get there. However, it may be soon!

Most things do not have prices on them–furniture is priced. There were more than a dozen rolling bins FULL of clothing, toys, small housewares, etc. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

As I said, most things aren’t priced. You pay by the pound! $1.39 a pound!

I was a little on the cautious side in my shopping. I wasn’t sure what a pound of t-shirts looked like!

Christmas lights in a bowl

Pictured above are the 100+ Christmas bulbs I found rolling around the bottom of one of the bins.

I also picked up the pewter Reed & Barton bowl. It has a little dent in the lip. I figure once I get a flower arrangement in it, you won’t even see it.

Not pictured, but I’m sure I will share eventually:

  • J.Crew leopard belt
  • yellow belt
  • Cabi jacket
  • pleated skirt
  • 22 cloth napkins
  • vintage floral T.V. tray
  • vintage hankie
  • 2 purses
  • 42 cloth gift bags
  • faux gold chain necklace
  • 7 yards of khaki duck cloth
  • plaid cookie tin
  • string of fake apples
  • new package of subject dividers
  • scrap of fabric to use as outdoor pillows
  • 2 beaded valances that I plan to use to decorate my china hutch for Thanksgiving
  • vintage tablecloth

Vintage Christmas bulbs

The duck cloth ended up being the heaviest item in my basket. I almost didn’t get it. It still had the tag from the fabric store on it. Regular price?$31.72! How could I not get that?!

I had so much fun. Dangerous fun!

Several of the ladies I spoke with were regulars–like EVERY DAY regulars! Some of them were standing around waiting to pounce on the fresh bin that was on its way to the floor.

You could tell they knew what they were doing. Many of them wore gloves. I think I will be taking that tip for next time. I left feeling very dirty.

Being an experienced junker/thrifter, I have a couple of tips of my own:

Go early-however,the inventory changes regularly so early may not matter. Go often-The ladies said it was different every day.

Don’t carry your purse. Just put your money in your pocket. Then you are freed up a little more to dig without having your 10 pound purse attack you.

Pack a lunch. My lunch was in the car. I figured I could make two separate purchases if needed.

There was a bathroom there. However, it is outside of the purchase area. Just keep that in mind.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There is not a dressing room, at least that I saw. If you are brave enough to try on clothes, you want to wear leggings and a thin t-shirt or something else that would work.

Are you a thrift junkie like me? What is your latest score?