My friend, Joanna, has a gluten-free-of-the-month subscription. Her husband got it for her for Christmas. Sweet-huh?

Knowing that I blog mostly about food, she offered to share with me her latest “treat”.

Seaweed Love package

Seaweed? Really? Thanks.

Seaweed is supposed to be good for you. Okay, we’ll try it.

nutritional facts

It looked interesting enough.

roasted seaweed

thin sheets of seaweed

seaweed snack

That’s it!

That is the nicest thing I can say.

It actually reminded me of when my sister and I would play mud pies as kids. After a rain, there would be this slimy moss that we would call “spinach” in our mud pie cafe. When we set it on the man hole cover in the front yard to “cook”,  it would end up looking very similar to this roasted seaweed! Mmmm.

This was NASTY!

The Critics all agreed! I wish I had a picture or a video of all of us trying it. The faces were priceless! It would have been fun to see who kept it in their mouth the longest.

Thank goodness none of us put a whole sheet in our mouths! We each broke a piece off of one sheet.

It smelled like fish food. My guess is the taste was pretty close, too.

Joanna, thanks for sharing?

Critics’ Corner

Chip: This is the best seaweed I’ve ever eaten.

Megan: Only one word befits this thing that should not be considered food: disgusting.

Katie: Unused toilet paper tastes better than this (please don’t ask how I know).