These Tea Bag Cookies were really easy to make.

To refresh your memory, here is the picture of the tea party dessert plate.

dessert plate 1

You could use a shortbread cookie dough, but I just used a plain old sugar cookie dough.

actual size

I rolled the dough out on parchment paper to make moving the cookies easier.

Then, I cut each cookie the size of actual tea bags!

quilt ruler

I used my quilting ruler to measure the cookies. It really works great in the kitchen! The ruler has inches, half inches, etc. marked. Being able to see through the ruler sure helped getting the cookies to be a uniform size.

After cutting a rectangle, I just nipped off the corners to resemble a tea bag.

cutting tea bags

Since my cookie wasn’t going to be folded over and stapled like a tea bag, I used a straw to make holes in the tops of the cookies.

tea bag cookies

I made the cookies way in advance and put them in the freezer, since I was making so many of them. When it was time for the party, I added the chocolate. I just melted chocolate chips with a little shortening.

chocolate dipped tea bag cookies

They were as yummy as they were cute! Everyone loved them.

The adorable teapot tags came from here.