Well, I had the what-to-have-for-dinner blues. I just have not felt like cooking. Must be the heat!

I haven’t even felt inspired by anything at the grocery store. UGH!

So, the options for supper last night were sandwiches of some sort or a ham bone that has been in the freezer for a while.

I thought about making a quiche, but there were only 4 eggs! I guess I could have made a petite quiche. I would have had to make a crust-forget it!

I was watching the Food Channel while folding laundry and saw a commercial for 5 Ingredient Fix. She was going to be making spaghetti carbonara. I’ve made spaghetti carbonara before, so I stuck around to watch. I didn’t realize it was SPINACH Carbonara. That would not work-no spinach. (I probably wouldn’t have made it anyway. We are a little too bland for that at my house.)

After rejecting poor Claire’s recipe, I did a search for Spaghetti Carbonara. I came across a site I had never seen before. The name intrigued me-My Italian Grandmother.

This is a picture from her blog. Doesn't it look yummy?!

I didn’t take any pictures along the way. Sorry. I wasn’t really planning to blog about this. It turned out so yummy I just had to share.

The pantry was pretty bare, but I thought I could make it work.

I didn’t have enough spaghetti, so I used penne pasta.

I didn’t have Romano cheese, so I used Parmesan.

I didn’t have Pinot Grigio, so I used cooking wine.

I didn’t have fresh parsley, so I left it out.

Did I really make this recipe?

Check out her blog. It looks like there might be some other tasty recipes there.

"Ooo, quick, before you take a bite, take a picture!"

Critics’ Corner

Chip: Noodles? Good. Cheese? Good. Bacon? GOOOOD!

Megan: It was just okay. The bacon saved it because it could use less of the sauce.

Katie: It was delicious, superb! (Can I get a Wooo?) Wooo! (This is a reference to So You Think You Can Dance. Are you watching this summer?)