I think today was the seventh day the kids have missed school on account of snow this winter! That is practically unheard of here in central Arkansas. Looks like they’ll be in school until the 4th of July! Let’s hope not.

Last night’s snow storm produced the most winter weather we have seen this year. We had about 3  inches of sleet followed by about 3 inches of snow.

snow tracks

deep snow

I know some of you from outside the South are laughing at that. I get it. We used to live in Indiana. This stuff shut down the schools, the malls, offices. Chip drove home yesterday as it was all getting started. He said the Interstate was bad.

Check out my fancy snow trekkers! They are little slip-ons that go over your regular shoes. Nifty, huh?! My in-laws got them for me for Christmas. At the time, I wondered if I would ever use them-that’s how little winter weather we get around here.  I sure was glad I had them today! I didn’t slip once!

snow trax

We are all home today. Our “to-do” list consists of drinking hot chocolate, playing board games and strolling around the block.

So, here are scenes from the walk!

I was happy to have a walking partner today.

walking partner

snow shadows

Many of these buildings and houses are on the National Register of Historic Places.

First Presbetyrian Church Lonoke

Lonoke United Methodist Church

church pew

We weren’t the only ones out and about–


some folks, however, might wish they had stayed home!

cars stuck in the snow

Looks like this awning had all the sleet and snow it could handle.

awning repairs

Having 4-wheel drive means you are invincible, right?

driving in snow

4-wheel drive

road workers

railroad lights

Lonoke train depot

Here is Chip-standing in the middle of the road while there is zero traffic.

desserted street

Hey, look! Signs of Spring!!!

signs of Spring

Dr. Holmes office

Eagle house


critter tracks




For some reason, I don’t think our little solar lights are going to gather much sunshine like this.

solar lamps

solar lights

Even the winter decorations on the porch (okay, they are leftover from Christmas) look pretty with snow on them.

snow-covered lantern

I hope you have enjoyed your snow days this winter. I was glad we got a really good dose this year. I think I’m ready for Spring now.


We had snow!!! Lots of snow! Well, at least by southern standards. We got about 7 1/2 to 8 inches! Some places in the state got 25 inches! This was a MAJOR event in our little corner of the world. Folks tend to freak out when we get even a light dusting. They all scramble to the store for bread and milk. Why bread and milk?  I do not know. Fortunately, I had already been to the store. We had our gallon!

I have seen a lot of people post on Facebook about making snow ice cream. I’ve made snow ice cream before, but it was just not that good. Most of the recipes I was seeing called for milk and eggs. One recipe called for 4 cups of milk. Not my precious milk! The number one thing people crowd the stores to get! What if I needed it!

Then I saw it. The wonderfully easy recipe for snow cream!

Snow Cream

about 1 gallon of FRESH snow

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

2-ish teaspoons of vanilla

This I could handle.

Gather about a gallon of good, clean snow. Yes, I scraped this off the top of my car. No “yellow snow” here!

Add a can of sweetened condensed milk. I could eat this stuff straight from the can. I did show some restraint. There were children present.

Add a couple of teaspoons of vanilla. You can see this was not rocket surgery!







Then you stir and stir and stir. Stir until all the snow is incorporated and everyone has had a turn to stir! That last part is really important.





Grab a spoon and enjoy! Since we were making this outside, we used our plastic spoons!

It was sooooo yummy! It tasted like the good ol’ crank kind of homemade ice cream!

We had to make a second batch. We wanted to be sure to have some for another day.

After supper we ate some of our snow cream on homemade brownies! AAAAAAaaaaa! (That was the sound of angels singing!)

Critics’ Corner

Chip: One word: Superawesome!

The coolness of this dish is quite refreshing and complimented well by the creamy texture of the…

…oh, forget it. This is just plain good!

Megan: The snow cream is better than any ice cream I’ve ever had.

Katie: I think that the snow cream was absolutely scrumptious. I’m so glad that we have much more!