On our way to and from Washington D.C., we passed by the town of Fredericksburg, VA. What used to be a train depot had been converted to a restaurant. The name caught our attention–The Bavarian Chef. We made plans to drive over to Fredericksburg the next day to explore.

We decided to go for a late lunch/early supper.

We all like the idea of eating in a converted depot. Hey, look! Chip and I are both in this picture–

–and this one, ha!

We about had the place to ourselves since it was about 3:30.

Nana and Bud spent a few years in Germany. They were very familiar with German cuisine. I can only remember going to one other German restaurant, Guisella’s. (It was in Zionsville, IN when we lived there. It has since closed.)

The menu looked great. Please go to the link at the top of this post to get to the menu. I tried to add it here but had issues.

I guess only food bloggers let their food get cold while they insist on taking pictures.

Chip and Bud both had the Schweineschnitzel–crispy breaded pork tenderloin, served with French fries and homemade applesauce.

Nana had the potato pancakes with applesauce.

Katie’s choice was the Hänsel and Gretel chicken from the “Für Die Kinder” section of the menu.

Megan got the Mandel Schnitzel–pork medallions crusted with almonds served in a honey strawberry gin sauce. It was really good!

Mine was the best though. I had the Käsespätzle–housemade German pasta in creamy bacon & cheese sauce topped with crispy onions.

Mine was definitely the fanciest! I would have never thought to put a flower on a dish of macaroni and cheese.

It was amazingly delicious! The noodles were very fat and dense and yummy. Of course I am a big-time mac and cheese girl. This was mac and cheese on steroids! Wow!

I highly recommend stopping by The Bavarian Chef for a meal if you are in the area.

Here I am with the chef and our waitress, on the far right, and another waitress who was just coming to work!

Yes, I’m a dork…the signs on the restroom doors were really cute. I had to show them.

This is the poster that was on the wall by our table. It reminded me of some plates my grandparents used to have.

Chip and I are fans of a show that comes on the Cooking Channel called Eat Street. It is basically a show about food trucks. The show has featured trucks in DC. Since we were going to be there I thought it would be fun to track down some food trucks.

As we were heading back downtown after our Georgetown explorations, we asked a girl on the bus if she knew the prime food truck spot.

She directed us to Franklin Square.

Franklin Square did not disappoint. There were 8-12 different food trucks lining the park. I assume this is a daily thing since there were tons of people having their lunches in the park.

There was a pie truck that served sweet AND savory pies. There was a barbecue truck that served, well, barbecue. There were hamburger trucks, fish trucks, Mexican food trucks, Indian food trucks…there were a lot of trucks.

We must have been famished! The only thing we had really done thus far in DC was eat a cupcake!

It was getting close to lunch time, so we ate!

After checking out the trucks, Nana went with the barbecue. She got a HUGE sandwich. She said it was good. Sorry, I didn’t get any pics.

The rest of us headed over to the Halal Grill.

Personally, I was very excited to have the food truck experience. Eating at Halal Grill was great! Mohammad, the owner, was very nice and personable, which goes a long way in my book!

We all had the Chicken on Pita. The kids opted for no “salad” on theirs.

Oh, man! Was it ever good! I’m salivating just thinking about it.

It looks spicy, but it isn’t too spicy–just yummy!

I’m sure their other offerings are just as delicious. If I ever make it back that way, I’ll be getting the Chicken on Pita again. Can’t help it.

The weather was just right for a picnic in the park. You may have noticed our jackets. The high was about 79˚ the day we were there–in June!

You can see where the Halal Grill truck will be next by following the link.

Pork Chop Tuesday went to “Pork Chop Wednesday” at Advada’s!

I have heard people talk about Advada’s for several years now. A couple of weeks ago, some friends got to talking about breakfast at Advada’s, pork chops at Advada’s, chicken and dressing at Advada’s. After Chip and I wiped the drool off our chins, all that was left to talk about was how to get to Advada’s!

Woo Hoo! A LUNCH DATE! I told him I felt it was only appropriate for Pork Chop Tuesday to go when they were serving pork chops. Wednesday is pork chop buffet day at Advada’s.

Advada’s is located in Carlisle, Arkansas.

Carlisle is a farming community that is spittin’ distance from our little town.

Carlisle was a train stop “back in the day.” It has an Interstate Exit, but most of the town is just off of the old highway, HWY 70, between Little Rock and Memphis.

It’s a small town.

Here is one of the signs you see when you drive down Hwy. 70.

Turn by the big yellow sign.

The road comes to a dead-end. Turn left into the gravel parking lot. You have arrived!

Let me tell you this…we were giddy with anticipation!

The place was much newer looking than I expected. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

Here is the menu for the day.

We went with the all-you-can-eat buffet. I loved the stack of mismatched dishes. It made me feel right at home.

Let me tell ya, Advada’s did not disappoint! I see now why everyone talks about going there.

This is Miss Advada with one of her granddaughters. Everyone there was family. They seem like a neat bunch of folks.

I asked Miss Advada how long they had been there. She told me about 7 years, then pulled out a baggie with photos in it. Until about 7 years ago, this was what the diner looked like. It was an old quail barn. The original restaurant was over on the highway. They were there for several years.

I was told by some of the regulars that there is a story about the quail farm dating back to the early 1900s. Maybe when you go you’ll be lucky enough to hear the same story.

I’ll give you the tip our friends gave us…Go early! If you get there at noon, they may be out of food!

Next time you’re traveling down I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis, stop to eat at Advada’s. You’ll be glad you did!