Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to visit our college girl at school on homecoming weekend.

I couldn’t arrive empty-handed!

homecoming basket

Ouachita Baptist University holds a special place in our hearts. My husband and I met there! Now our oldest is a Ouachita Tiger!

Treats for OBU Homecoming HAD to  have a tiger theme!

Tiger Tails were easy to make and yummy to eat!

First, thread three marshmallows onto a bamboo skewer.

marshmallows on a stick

Melt orange candy melts.

Dip the marshmallows into the melted candy. I actually had to spread the melted candy on my marshmallows. Just be sure you get a little of the candy on the bamboo skewer and the under-side of the bottom marshmallow. If you don’t, the marshmallows will slide down the skewer.

orange candy melts

While candy coating is still wet, sprinkle with orange sugar for extra fanciness.

sprinkled with sugar

Stick the coated marshmallows in Styrofoam to dry.

Styrofoam cooling rack

If you ever let your children use your sprinkles, you can expect cross contamination of colors.

orange and blue

I had to pick out all the blue sprinkles. I think this was pay-back for the time I had them separate sprinkles for me.

blue sprinkles

Melt some chocolate chips in a zip top bag. Once melted, clip the corner of the bag. Drizzle the chocolate back and forth over the orange “tails”. Now they really look like tiger tails! Just don’t twirl the skewer. I tried it. The stripes looked like a spiral not a tiger. Carefree and unstructured is the way to go.

tiger tail treats

Of course I had to use cellophane wrappers to make them look more professional.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to practice my decorating skills a little, too.

college gift basket

I packed up the treats in an old purple Easter basket, handle removed, with yellow shredded copy paper. I needed the paper shreds to cover the foam in the bottom of the basket necessary for the tiger tails to stand.

homecoming basket

I happened to have a big cellophane bag that could house the basket and a big purple bow! Perfect!

The tiger tails were a hit! She even shared with the roommate and suite mates!

While making Christmas goodies for my husband to take to work, I stumbled upon a good idea.

Now, it may not be a new idea, very few of them are. It was new to me though.

I was making chocolate dipped pretzels-the long kind. I didn’t want to lay them on waxed paper to dry because I didn’t want them to be flat on one side. I know. I’m weird.

Besides that, when you lay them out to dry, the coating kinda oozes off the pretzel. So then, not only is it flat on one side, but it also has a strange shape jutting out from the side.

Quite the dilemma! Don’t you think?

I could stick them in glasses. No. They would squish together and stick to the glass.

I had to find something more shallow than a glass. A coffee cup?! No. The pretzels would fall over.

But wait!

What if I put some dried beans in the bottom of the cup?! And what if the cup were actually a bowl?!

Ta-da! Looks like this is gonna work!

I guess you noticed that I used other vessels as well. I did have to choose carefully. The vessels with flat bottoms worked best. The pretzels had to find their way to the bottom of the beans and rest on the bowl.

I dipped some pretzels in white almond bark and some in brown. Sorry, I couldn’t say white and chocolate. Vanilla and chocolate, yes. It’s like milk. Why do we call one by its flavor and one by its color?! Sorry, I got off track for a minute there.

After the dipped pretzels were dry, I drizzled them with red and green candy melts like these.

Some of the chocolate pretzels got sprinkles. You have to add the sprinkles before the chocolate dries-duh.

I put the finished products in a little clear bag with a wrapping paper topper.

I ended up making about 100 pretzels. I hope his co-workers like them!

A couple of months ago, I was sorting through my Facebook news and came across something interesting.

One of my friends from Ouachita, Chuck Hargett, had started a cookie company!

Chuck is a super sweet guy, easy on the eyes, and the boy can really sing, but COOKIES?! This I had to try!

So, I headed over to his website. Click here for the link.

WOW! The website looked great. The cookies looked even better! How was I supposed to choose which one to order? I wanted to taste them all!

Smarty pants Chuck has a cure for that problem—The Twenty Sample Pack! Oh, yeah, I ordered it!

The packaging is simple and sophisticated. Love it!

But wait. Look inside! (Ok, don’t look too closely. I was apparently having photography issues that day. Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy. I know you will zip over to the Chucklet and Honey website anyway and see the really good picutres!)

Are these not the cutest?! All the packages are different.

The fancy box of cookies came with a legend. Love that! What a cute idea.

At this point, the cookies could have been yucky and I wouldn’t have cared. My eyes had already tasted the sweetness!

They were NOT yucky, by any stretch of the imagination.

The Critics agreed. I had them rank the cookies with their favorite one first.

It was hard to decide, but this is how I ranked the cookies:

1. Maple Oatmeal Raisin

2. The Chucklet & Honey

3. Double Chucklet Hazelnut

4. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Fluffer-Nutter

Way to go Chuck! You made some YUMMY cookies!

I just saw on the Chucklet & Honey Facebook page that they are using red ribbons for Christmas. The packaging is beautiful! The Twenty Sample Pack would make a fabulous Christmas gift-especially if you need to send those nice corporate gifts! He also has a special discount code for the month of November on the home page.

Love ya, Chuck! I wish you the very best in your new business!

Critics’ Corner


1. Maple Oatmeal Raisin
2. The Chucklet and Honey
3. Double Chucklet Hazelnut
4. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Fluffer-Nutter


1. Original-never had a cookie quite like it.

2. Chocolate-can’t go wrong with chocolate

3. Oatmeal

4. Fluffer-Nutter-just too much cookie


1. Cranberry Cookie-I loved the cranberries in it. It was one delicious and perfect cookie! (aka Maple Oatmeal Raisin)

2. Hazelnut Cookie

3. Signature Cookie

4. Fluffer-Nutter Cookie