Hooray! Time for college football!

I love fall–the back to school and eventual changing of the leaves. Nothing says fall in the South like a good college football game.

Last year I bought these fancy Jell-O molds.

The shaped jello was a huge hit.

Today, while awaiting the start of the Razorback game, I decided to conduct a little experiment: how would candy melts do in my jello mold?

The result: GREAT!

football treats

I had just a few red candy melts in my pantry-12 to be exact.

After heating the melts in a baggie in the microwave, I was able to cover 9 razorback wells.

I put the red candy in the pan then whacked in on the counter several times to get it to settle into all the cracks and eliminate bubbles.

Hog candy

You can see that the red part is not very thick. I used vanilla almond bark to fill in the rest of the mold. Since red and white are the Razorbacks colors, this worked great!

Remember to whack the mold on the counter again for the second color, if you use a second color.

Razorback candy

I was a little scared to try to get the candy OUT of the mold.

When I first tried to pop them out nothing happened. So, I stuck the pan in the freezer for a couple of minutes. They came out without any problems. I did not grease the mold.

These would be ADORABLE on top of cupcakes!

You can get other college molds here.

Have fun with these adorably delicious treats!

Wooo, Pig, Sooiee!

Last November we visited my in-laws in Virginia during the Thanksgiving holidays.  While we were there, Brenda, my mother-in-law, shared her not-so-secret secret stash of junk food.

OH MY WORD! These are sooooo yummy.

She had a HUGE bag. They had come from Costco. Well, living in Sam Walton country, we don’t have Costco. I told her she could get me a bag for Christmas. And she DID!!!! That bag is long gone.

I was desperate! I had to have more! I think I now know how a crack addict must feel.

After checking the bag for a website, I immediately jotted off an email asking where I could purchase these in Arkansas. They replied-Walmart. Well, I had looked at Walmart and didn’t see them.

They are found on the specialty candy aisle. You know, the place where they have the boxes of all purple M&Ms or all red or all green. The bag is on the top shelf. You can also get them in a plastic tub that is a little larger. The 8 ounce bag was $3.15. A bit of a splurge but well worth it to me!

I look at it as a healthy snack-ha! Well, dark chocolate AND pomegranates are considered healthy-right?

My current bag is getting low. I’ll be calling my dealer going to Walmart soon for a fresh supply.