I saw this  tantalizing recipe for Grilled Chicken Burgers on my friend Talya’s blog the other day.

Chicken Burger pin

I was very excited because I had just bought some ground chicken a couple of days prior.

Talya served hers with wasabi mayo and purple onions. I didn’t have either of those.

The burgers were delicious without them. However, it leaves me something to try next time.

Rosemary Chicken Sliders.jpg

My burgers were slider-sized. The only reason for this was  I had purchased slider buns at Kroger in the big city. My small town Walmart doesn’t carry them. The slider buns are just so cute!

I also used an electric indoor grill for my burgers. It worked just fine.

Roasted sweet potatoes was our side dish-YUM!

Skip on over to Grace Grits and Gardening for the recipe. Thanks, Talya! This is a keeper!

Do you use ground chicken much? How about ground turkey?

Critics’ Corner

Chip: They didn’t have quite as much flavor as I thought they’d have. However, with just a dash of Heinz 57 these made great little sliders. (Alas, the wasabi mayo would have done the trick!)

Megan: It was an instant favorite. I think I like it better than a regular slider.

Katie: Awesomeness! I loved the herbs!