Wow! October was a crazy month! Lots of fun. Lots of good. Just lots of LOTS! It seems like we had something every night and every day!

I am thankful November is here!

I’m so behind though. If you have emailed or messaged me in the past month or so and have not heard back from me, I’m sorry. I will be trying to catch up soon.

I tried to be a good blogger and take pictures and try new wonderful dishes. However, I was doing good to grab the iPad and snap a couple of pictures here and there!

I did make some adorable Halloween cookies.

When I saw these cookies on Pinterest, they took my breath away! They are just so vibrant and FUN!

Swirly Cookies pinterest

These amazing cookies were whipped up by Toni over at Make Bake Celebrate. You will want to zip right over there for her full tutorial. She is one of my cookie crushes-shhh.

Here are some pictures from my personal adventure.

Swirly Cookies.jpg

These were so much fun to make! Although, they were a little time-consuming.

When I made my twisted “snake” I just knew my cookies were going to turn out GRAY! I was surprised how bright they were, even after baking.

This was my first time to use AmeriColor food coloring. I really liked it!

I hesitated to even put the sprinkles on there. I’m glad I did. Megan even told me she thought the ones with sprinkles were better than the ones without. (I ran out of sprinkles toward the end.)

I am so glad I tried these fancy cookies! Thanks, Toni, for sharing.

Critics’ Corner

Chip: These cookies stayed nice and moist. I like a moist cookie.

Megan: They were amazingly buttery and moist, even left over. They weren’t overly sweet. Everyone at school was impressed by them.

Katie: They were very colorful, but they just weren’t my type, I think. (Poor Katie is not a fan of sugar cookies. She didn’t want to hurt my feelings in her comment. So sweet.)