It seems like we had Jell-O jigglers all the time when I was a kid. We LOVED jello! Mom always called them Knox Blocks. I recall the pan in the refrigerator had squares of various sizes from one of us kids doing the cutting. We would sneak in the kitchen and grab a couple during commercial breaks on “The Brady Bunch” or whatever else we were watching.

Here is a little retro-ness for your enjoyment.

I hardly ever make jello for my kids. Poor things! When I do make it, everyone is so excited! We all question why we don’t have it more often.

When I saw an ad for these Jell-O molds I HAD to have them.

Jello Box

The ad said they were available at Walmart. Since that is pretty much the only store we have, I was excited. Well, I checked 3 Walmart stores before I finally found my very own kit.

For my non-local readers, the Hogs are the mascot of the University of Arkansas–the Arkansas Razorbacks, Hogs for short! I did not attend the U of A. I’m a Ouachita girl. Funny thing about the Razorbacks…it doesn’t matter if you went to the school or not. Arkansas is a small state. The U of A is the biggest school in Arkansas. So, everyone rallies around the Razorbacks and calls the Hogs-Woooo Pig Sooie!

Unfortunately, the Hogs need some serious rallying this year!

The game yesterday was the pits! At least we enjoyed our snacks!

Razorback Jello

They are easy to make. One box of Jello and 2/3 cup of boiling water makes 12 Jello Hogs.

Pouring Jello

Hog Jello

Razorback Jello shrine

We are not fair-weather fans at this house. We will still be calling the Hogs. Sweet, fruity Jello makes it a little easier.