Since it is gray and rainy out today, I thought I would pour myself a second cup of coffee.

rain dripping off the roof

We have been without rain for quite a while. Folks in our little community are pretty happy to see precipitation!

One of my Facebook friends posted this appropriate verse today.

Be glad, people of Zion, rejoice in The Lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains because He is faithful…Joel 2:23

raindrop in puddles

Such a relaxing day-sigh!

I want to tell you about the coffee I am sipping. It is delish–and no one paid me to say that!

Airship Coffee cup

Airship Coffee is an Arkansas based company who helped sponsor the conference I recently attended. We all were sent home with our own bag of coffee beans and a cool new coffee mug!

I knew we had a coffee grinder, somewhere. After digging and searching for said grinder (or is it mill?), I was victorious! Well, not completely. I did find the grinder. When I went to use it the next morning, it didn’t work! That was not a happy moment. The new bag of coffee was my only source for caffeine that morning. You can read how desperate I was over on the Pork Chop Tuesday Facebook page. (I hope you will “like” it.)

So, that morning, after running the kids to school, the first thing I did was head to Walmart to buy a new coffee grinder/mill. The selection was not huge, like TWO!

coffee grinder

Here’s my fancy new grinder. The little buttons let you select what kind of grind you want. You also click a little button to tell the machine how much coffee you are grinding. It’s a cool little grinder. It even stops automatically when it is finished.

freshly ground coffee

Don’t you wish you could smell it right now?!

I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee! Maybe I liked it so much because the beans were freshly ground. Maybe I liked it so much because I got to meet the nice Airship Coffee folks. It doesn’t matter. It’s good coffee–especially on a rainy, gray day like today.

coffee cup

Be sure to check out the Airship Coffee website for how to get your very own bag of beans. Just be sure your grinder works first!