A School Spirit Wreath is not my original idea. There is nothing new under the sun! I was inspired to make one after seeing the one Amanda Jane Brown made. Amanda is a fellow member of the Arkansas Women Bloggers group. I have not met Amanda in real life but I hope to soon. I am going to the AWBU conference next month! I am beyond excited!!!! Check back mid-September to hear about it.

On to the Spirit Wreath…

music themed spirit wreath

Too cute, huh?

I enjoy going to the high school football games. However, as a mother of two band students, it’s all about half-time to me!

My oldest recently was bestowed the honor of drum major! That was when I decided to make our spirit wreath have a musical theme.

Our school colors are purple and white, so the purple and white were obvious choices for fabric. When I came across the black fabric with PURPLE TREBLE CLEFS I gasped and snatched it up before anyone else could get to it. I’m sure that is right where everyone in Joann’s was headed. HA! What can I say, I was excited!

Black and white check is one of my all-time favorite prints, plus it went well with the others. Since Amanda used fancy ribbon on her wreath, I figured I could, too. The wire wreath was already hanging in my garage.

spirit wreath supplies

Amanda said to get a yard of each fabric, so I did. However, I had quite a bit left when I was finished. You be the judge of if you want to buy a little less than a yard.

cutting fabric

She cut her strips to be 10″ x 1.25″. Mine ended up being 10″ x 1.5″.

spirit wreath fabric

I got a little crazy with the cutting wheel. Wanting to get on with my project, I stacked my fabric too thick. It was a chore to cut through. I ended up with a numb finger for several days!

spirit wreath supplies cut

Once all the fabric is cut and orderly, you are ready to start tying.

spirit wreath ties

Figure out your pattern and start tying the strips onto the wire wreath. I have to admit, I was somewhat skeptical about the instructions to only tie onto the first and third rows. I was afraid the wire would end up showing. I tied accordingly, and it turned out great! No wire showing!

music themed spirit wreath

I just love the way it looks all finished. I really wanted to find a trumpet and a flute to hang on the wreath, since those are the instruments my girls play. None could be found that weren’t $20! I found the glittery, black musical ornaments at Hobby Lobby for 99¢ each. Much better! They were also available in gold or red. They do not, however, come in silver, which was my first choice. I wanted silver to match with the musical fabric. Oh, well, I like it anyway.

music themed fabric

musical ornament

musical ornament glitter

musical ornament treble clef

Thanks, Amanda Jane, for the great idea!

Go, Jackrabbits! (and Jackrabbit Band)