I kind of feel like I’m playing dress-up this morning.


I picked out these coral colored capris thinking I would wear a navy top of some sort. Nothing I had looked quite right. I couldn’t just wear a plain white t-shirt.


I started with the necklace with the three large turquoise beads. The necklace actually has a second strand with brown and turquoise beads. That strand is shoved down the back of my shirt! Long hair is very handy sometimes!
Next, I added the necklace with all turquoise stones.  I liked it, but I felt like two strands was not enough. I had the long silver chain necklace that I thought would work since there was silver in the first necklace. I had to double the chain.

As if three necklaces was not enough jewelry, I decided to add some stacked bracelets, too!


I love this set! It actually came with a couple more bangles. I decided to go for the more subdued look–ha!

I was having a little trouble taking pictures of myself, surprise! One of the girls volunteered was drafted to help. We got a little silly.


Next, we have the frozen smile photo.


We decided this one looked like my shoulder hurt!


I still kind of look like my shoulder hurts in this one. At least I have a “normal” expression.


The point was for you to be able to see the bracelets and the necklaces in the same shot. Oh, well, fun was had!