Back in February I made an investment. No, I’m not about to give you financial advice. When I committed to eat less and exercise more, I had to find exercises I was willing to do.

So, we bought bikes–an investment in fitness.


That was in late February. We had an unusually cool, rainy Spring, by Arkansas standards.

Too wet to go out

And too cold to play ball.

So we sat in the house.

We did nothing at all.

(Can you name that quote?)

We didn’t really “do nothing at all”. We signed up to participate in the CARTI Tour de Rock Family Fun Ride.

The Fun Ride was 10 miles!

So, we started training. We rode 3 miles and thought we would all DIE! It was going to take bit of training to build up our stamina to go the whole 10 miles. Drain we did! But I was getting nervous! Would I be able to do it?

The day of the race came. The farthest our crew had ridden was 8.1 miles. Now I was REALLY nervous!

We loaded the bikes and took off for the race!


It was very exciting for all of us to have our very own official race bibs and t-shirts.



Don’t we look happy?


This was our route for the Fun Ride.

route map

The happy faces didn’t last long, however. This was the scene as we pulled into the parking lot that morning.

more rain

Hoping the weather would clear up, we hung out for a little while.

finish line

Then a race official came and told us the race had been cancelled because the radar looked like this…


Our happy faces were gone!


All our hard work! All our training! For what? A rained out race!

We weren’t going to let a little rain keep us from achieving our 10 mile goal. The next day was GORGEOUS! So, we decided to go for a ride. We were going to ride our 10 mile family fun ride for ourselves!

girls riding bikes


tired bikers

I love riding in the country! The sights, smells and sounds are wonderful! Crop dusters flying by. Privet Hedge in full bloom. The smell of lumber as a new home is being built. Amber waves of grain blowing in a field. Frogs croaking in a nearby ditch.

We rode all the way to a little church 7 miles from our house. That, of course, meant 7 miles home.

rest break

We did it! We rode the 10 miles, and then some!

We made quite an investment in February–an investment in Fitness, Family and Fun!