Oh, yeah! I made ’em!

Okay, this information is actually from LAST Valentine’s Day, but it never got posted.

As soon as I saw this tutorial for Bacon Roses, I knew I would have to make them for my sweetie!

The tutorial is great!

Now, as I said, I made these last year, so the details are a little fuzzy.

bacon roses

I do wish I had made more!

I did not drill a hole in my muffin pan like the link suggests. Seems like I just rolled up the bacon slices and put them in my mini muffin pan. I may have stuck a toothpick through them.

I made them on Valentine’s morning–if that lets you know how easy they were.

They were a HUGE hit!

Group Therapy

My quartet helped me deliver my treat along with a song!

the happy couple

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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What are you cookin’ up for your Valentine?