I didn’t know if you knew it or not, but the Chinese New Year is coming up on February 10. This year will be the year of the snake. To learn more about this holiday click here.

With that in mind, I wanted to share a birthday party we had several years ago, like 9. This was looong before my blogging days. There are several pictures I wish we had taken. Oh, well.

Let me show you the inspiration for this party to begin with.

girls with hats via Pork Chop Tuesday

Precious, I know!

My mom had bought these adorable outfits for the girls. They wanted to wear them all the time! Megan’s birthday was coming up, so the outfit was the inspiration.

Couldn’t you just eat them up!

We made these little hats for all the girls at the party. That was one of the pictures we didn’t get.

We also did not get a picture of the cute little kimono invitations we sent out. We ordered them from Oriental Trading Co. They don’t even carry them any more.

cherry blossoms via Pork Chop Tuesday

I loved this party! We put it all together on such a shoestring budget.

These cherry blossoms were made from a stick from the yard and some pink tissue paper from the gift wrapping closet. All we did was cut out square stacks of tissue. Then we folded each square three times into a cone shape. Then we used scissors to round off the end. I used a pencil to help glue it to the branch with tacky glue.

paper lanterns via Pork Chop Tuesday

Homemade construction paper lanterns, along with a few store-bought lanterns, hung form a piece of scavenged bamboo in the garage. I wish I could relay the hysterical laughter and giddiness Mom and I experienced gathering this bamboo from a strangers yard and hauling it home in the trunk of the car!

We had some crafts and games of course.

One craft was to make a paper lantern of their own.

party crafts via Pork Chop Tuesday

This was very easy. Fold the paper in half “hotdog” style. Cut slits in the paper about 1/2 to 1 inch away form the edge. Open it up. Wrap it around. Staple it. Add a handle. The girls stamped their lanterns with some Chinese letters before assembling them.

The other craft was kinda hard. That is probably why we have not pictures. It took all hands on deck. We made folded paper dragons. They were cute. We decorated the heads with sequins and such. Then attached them to a bamboo skewer like a little puppet. Sorry there isn’t a picture. To tell you the truth, the memory of it isn’t real clear either.

Pin-the-tale-on-the-monkey was one of the games. Seems like when there is a birthday party, you HAVE to pin-the-something-on-the-something. It was the year of the monkey that year, so it made sense to use a monkey.

Pin the tail on the monkey via Pork Chop Tuesdaypin the tail on the monkey 2 via Pork Chop Tuesday

Then we had the cotton ball pick up game. Pick up the cotton balls with the chopsticks and put them in the take-out carton. Have teams race against each other.

chopstick game via Pork Chop Tuesday

Not everyone played by the rules.

chopstick game 2 via Pork Chop Tuesday

The last game we played was catch the dragon.

Chip made a great dragon head out of construction paper.

dragon head via Pork Chop Tuesday

Someone wears the dragon head. Naturally, this was the birthday girl. Everyone files in behind her and holds on at the waist.

We stapled black and red crepe paper streamers around the kids’ wrists for extra effect.

catch the dragon via Pork Chop Tuesday

The dragon runs around to try to catch the person at the end of the line. Then the next kid goes.

catch the dragon 2 via Pork Chop Tuesday

After the dragon game, we headed in for refreshments and gifts.

front door decor via Pork Chop Tuesday

More lanterns covered the lights in the kitchen. These large ones were made out of red poster board.

large lanterns via Pork Chop Tuesday

Snacks were goldfish crackers, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles and “green tea” with paper umbrellas(green kool-aid).

table decor via Pork Chop Tuesday

Then came the fortune cookie birthday cake, homemade, of course.

fortune cookie cake via Pork Chop Tuesday

Bamboo skewers held the “Happy Birthday, Megan” fortune. No, it did NOT catch on fire!

take out boxes via Pork Chop Tuesday

Each girl went home with a take out box filled with folding fans, chopsticks, fortune cookies,  fish-shaped water toys, kimono stickers, more paper umbrellas, and maybe some other things I can’t remember. They also took home their lanterns and dragon puppets.

What a fun time for so little money!

me w-cherry blossoms via Pork Chop Tuesday

Happy Chinese New Year! (But not until the 10th)