The Lord works in mysterious ways. I have wanted to share this post for a week or so. Time just got away from me. Today, the day AFTER Christmas, I finally have time. We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family at our house. After all the family made their way to their homes, it started to snow! (For those of you not in the South, snow on Christmas day is rare. This was the first time it has snowed on Christmas day in 80 years, or so they say.)

When I read today’s devotion from my A.W. Tozer book, it talked about how when Christ was born, all of nature went out to greet Him. The star in the sky, the shepherds in the fields, the cattle in the stall–his own creations worshiping their Creator. Pretty cool!

This post, too, involves God’s creation! I thought it was neat that my devotion for today coincided with me having time to do this post

Several years ago, after Christmas, I was out in the yard and noticed my neighbor had set her fresh wreaths out for the trash man.

I couldn’t let those wreath forms just go in the trash! So, I cleaned out the forms and they found a new home at my house.

wreath supplies

Making fresh wreaths is now one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. I love walking around the yard gathering bits and pieces of beautiful things to use in my wreaths.

When we get our Christmas tree, we always get a bag of greenery for just this purpose. It is free!

wreath making

The smells are wonderful–fir, pine, cedar!

I made all the wreaths different and hung them on my porch. Our holly tree was not as full of berries as it usually is. Most of the berries I used were from my Nandina bushes.

Ivy, boxwood, and magnolia were nice to use in the decorations as well.

with ivy and pine

holly and ivy

The big green balls are called Osage Oranges. I picked them up near my sister’s house.

ice skates

partial wreath

Photographing wreaths against a back-lit screen was difficult. I took some more at night, but they were okay at best.

cedar wreath

wreath with nandina berries

osage orange with magnolia leaves

window decor 2window decor

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty You have created.

holly with snow