Well, here we are on Day 2 of the Arkansas Women Bloggers’ BLOGtober Fest!

It was really fun getting to “know” some other bloggers in the area yesterday.

Today’s theme is Halloween Memories.

When someone asks me about Halloween memories, I immediately think back to 1977.

Yep! That’s me. Can you guess the character? I bet you can. There aren’t too many folks who wear their hair that way.

I was Princess Leia! The movie Star Wars had come out earlier in the year. As you may remember, it was quite the craze! I remember playing Star Wars on the play ground. I was Princess Leia, of course. Robert Fray was Luke Skywalker because he had blonde hair. Jimbo Campbell was Han Solo. Jimbo had red hair. I guess he was just cool that way!

My sister was a gypsy that year. You can see her in the background in the picture below.  That was when trick-or-treating was in its heyday!  I don’t know if you can tell or not, but that is a grocery bag there on the floor. We would come home with the bag full!

Our costumes were usually something we would drag out of the closet to go with our last-minute decision. (I did do a little planning for my Princess Leia costume, however.) I only remember having a store-bought costume one year. You may remember the ones from the store–hot, plastic mask and flimsy outfit. I think I was Wonder Woman. The thing I remember most about those masks was sticking my tongue through the mask mouth.

Along came the bad guys. There started to be talk of people putting razor blades and poison in candy and such. Our church, like many others at the time AND today, started having a carnival. We would go as different Bible characters. The carnivals/Harvest Parties were fun.

Afterward, our family would always go over to the Grant’s house. Mrs. Carol would have a whole table full of pumpkin pies! She also made a purple punch and had smoke coming out of it. (dry ice) Good times!

When my own kiddos were little, they went to harvest parties and went trick-or-treating.  I guess the razor blade gag was over and done with/

I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you today.

Both of my girls got to wear this cute little pumpkin suit. I loved the little hat!

“Princess Megan” is wearing my gold lamé dress from 1986! Never throw anything away, people! We glittered up an old birthday party hat for her head and made her a scepter out of a wooden spoon and fun foam. No princess is complete without her prince! Daddy was good enough to don a Burger King crown for the evening.

This is Megan when she was about 2 years old. We called her Trunky!

I made her elephant costume–sweats, slippers, and felt!

Here is Katie, around the same age.

She had a store-bought costume. I felt really bad that her costume wasn’t homemade, so I added wings to the back. She could not have cared less if her costume was homemade or not. (I did make her one later.) She LOVED being a bee! She flew/ran around the house all night. The sugar might have contributed a little to that as well.

Last year was Katie’s last year to go trick-or-treating. It is a little sad. They are growing up too fast. I think I’ll hold on to those happy memories though.