The Main Street Food Truck Festival was this past weekend. I was very excited about going. You may remember our first food truck experience in Washington, D.C. Megan had an invitational marching contest she had to attend, so she didn’t get to go with us. The band brought home all ONES and is ready for their contest next weekend!

Chip, Katie and I started on our adventure. As soon as we hit the Interstate rain started to fall.

There was just a little rain at first. The farther down the road we went, the sky grew darker and the raindrops fatter.

Our spirits would not be dampened, however! We were prepared for cold, not for wet. So, we went by Chip’s office where he transformed some trash bags into rain ponchos. There were some Target shopping bags in a drawer that worked nicely as headgear. I’m afraid Katie will be scarred for life! ha!

Chip had the camera strapped around his neck UNDER his poncho. It was too much trouble to pass the camera back and forth, so he didn’t get in any of the pictures. I think that may have been by design.

If you go to the link above, you can see all the vendors who were supposed to be there. I don’t know if the all made it or not.

There is also a list  here on the Festival’s Facebook page.

In addition to the food trucks, Etsy Little Rock had several vendors set up inside the old Main Street Mall. I know they were glad to be inside. We were glad, too. It gave us a warm, dry place to hang out for a while.

Designs by Luvmibug & Tim

The Twisted Purl

Orbiting Debris

We had lots of fun looking. We were saving our money, however, to buy food!

Katie and I really wanted to sample the Sugar Shack for dessert. Sadly, they were closed when we came back to their truck.

Chip stood in line with Katie. She wanted a cheese quesadilla. I don’t remember the name of the truck.

She thoroughly enjoyed it!

I stood in line at Philly’s for a couple of cheese steak sandwiches.

The sandwiches were wonderful!

We headed home after we ate. It was good to sit in the warm while we waited for Megan to come home.

We all rested and got cleaned up for the evening. We had more fun in store.

Chip’s company was sponsoring a night at the symphony. So, we took full advantage of the opportunity to hear the Arkansas Symphony. The show was a tribute to the Beatles–the Classical Mystery Tour–complete with four Beatles impersonators. We sang along to all the classic Beatles hits. The performers were super! They called it the greatest concert the Beatles never gave. With a full orchestra behind them, the impersonators were able to sing lots of songs from the Sgt. Pepper album.

We all had a great evening. The girls even got autographs afterward. Unfortunately, we left the camera at home.

What a day!