All this year the Goodwill stores in Arkansas have been celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the organization. The stores have had these AMAZING 85% off specific tag color sales. That is 85% off of the Goodwill price, people! Thrift addict that I am, I have been to all of the sales! I wanted to gloat over share with you one of my bargains.

I got this cute cross top for 54¢! The shirt had come from a resale boutique and had price tag that said $180. I can only imagine what the retail price was. I can not imagine ever paying those prices.

I suppose it was my pride that got the best of me. (I always think of this verse in situations like this. I’m sure I butcher the context, however.)

I could not get a decent picture for ANYTHING! I was home by myself, so there was no one to help. I was on my way to quartet practice, so I was in a hurry.

I finally gave up on taking the picture.

Days later, Chip was looking at pictures on the camera almost in tears from laughing so hard.  I figured it would be better if he were laughing WITH me than AT me, so I joined him. I guess that would technically mean I was laughing WITH him AT me–hmmm.

So, here is your laugh for the day! At least the shirt is cute, huh?

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P.S. In case you couldn’t tell, none of these pictures have been edited–ha!

P.S.S. If you have any suggestions for that big blank wall in the bathroom, I’d love to hear them.