Last week I was asked to be on the Health and Wellness committee for our school district. I agreed and went to the meeting the next day.

I was impressed that the lady in charge of the meeting, Mrs. Sue, had decorations on the table. Being in the food services department, she also had snacks! She really knows how to make a meeting exciting! Those cinnamon rolls were out of this world!

The state standards for health and wellness were presented. Fortunately, they were not belabored.

Also, the superintendent gave us sneak peek at the fancy new high school cafeteria that is being built.

Before we adjourned, Mrs. Sue gave us all a nice “parting gift” of some red measuring cups. Woo Hoo! She also gave us some samples of Special K Cracker Chips to try, then supply some feedback. New cafeteria-new food I suppose.

Poor Mrs. Sue. She didn’t know she was going to get a whole blog post on these chips!

I haven’t seen these at my store. Then again, I didn’t know to look for them.

I thought they were pretty good. I was afraid, since they were the “Sea Salt” flavor, that they might be too salty. They weren’t at all!

Special K Cracker Chips come in several other flavors, too. Click here to see them all. I’m thinking that Sweet and Salty Popcorn flavor sounds pretty yummy.

The texture was good–very light and crunchy, kinda airy, which reminds me a little of these.

I guess I would have to see how much they cost to decide if I would buy them myself. I probably would if I had a coupon! I do love a bargain!

Critics’ Corner

Chip: They taste like Munchos!

Megan: Hmmm….I think I need another one to determine my stance on the cracker chips.

Katie: At first, they smell like cardboard, but when you eat one, it tastes like you’re on a beach or something cheery like that!