We had a storm come through last night. The temperature outside was so pleasant today! Chip and I took a stroll around the neighborhood. The air just smelled better today. Yesterday, the heat index was a stifling 105˚! Today the high was about 80˚ with very little humidity and a light breeze. Ahhhh!

That change in the weather did more than boost my spirits. I was feeling crafty.

Several years ago, like 18 or 19, Chip and I went with his folks to the family farm in Northeastern Arkansas. We picked up some old tin and small branches for Bud to make some cute decorative log houses for Nana and me. We also gathered some cotton. I had picked up a cute little cotton boll angel ornament at a crafts fair. I wanted to make some for friends. You can see the angel that I bought here. (You will have to scroll down a little.)

I made my angels and had tons of cotton left over. Pack rat that I am, I kept the leftovers all these years! Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off! Not only did I have a box of cotton bolls, but I also had some burlap and a straw wreath.

I wrapped the wreath with the burlap, hot gluing the ends. Then I hot glued the cotton onto the wreath.

My original plan was to cover the wreath completely with cotton. I decided I kind of liked having just a touch of cotton on there.

I did go back and add a little jute twine, just for a little dimension.

I was pretty happy with it. I like that it is a fall wreath that isn’t red and orange.