I just learned that today is National S’mores Day!

Apparently the Girl Scouts of America are the ones to thank for this fabulous snack! The earliest record of a s’more recipe is from a 1927 Girl Scout handbook.

Wow! Who knew?

Oh, to have one of those delicious treats right now.

I’m a bit of a s’more snob. To me, s’mores are meant to be eaten around a campfire. Yes, if you are desperate, you can make them in the microwave.

Yes, I have been desperate.

I am also particular about my chocolate. Only Hershey’s will do! I don’t like to use the individually wrapped treats. The chocolate is too thick and doesn’t melt enough. Chocolate must come from a large bar that has been broken.

I came across a recipe for S’more Cups on Pinterest a while back. So, I went to the Texas Cottage blog to investigate.

These were going to be easy and yummy!

Katie helped make these late one night after a shower.

Make your graham cracker crust. Put it in a mini muffin tin. Bake for a few minutes.

Put a half of a marshmallow in each baked cup. Back into the oven for a couple of more minutes.

Once cooled, spread melted chocolate on top or dip tops into chocolate!

Now, if you don’t have a campfire, this is the way to have a s’more!

I don’t think I took comments from the Critics for some reason. I may just have to make them again, so they can comment.