Chip and I are fans of a show that comes on the Cooking Channel called Eat Street. It is basically a show about food trucks. The show has featured trucks in DC. Since we were going to be there I thought it would be fun to track down some food trucks.

As we were heading back downtown after our Georgetown explorations, we asked a girl on the bus if she knew the prime food truck spot.

She directed us to Franklin Square.

Franklin Square did not disappoint. There were 8-12 different food trucks lining the park. I assume this is a daily thing since there were tons of people having their lunches in the park.

There was a pie truck that served sweet AND savory pies. There was a barbecue truck that served, well, barbecue. There were hamburger trucks, fish trucks, Mexican food trucks, Indian food trucks…there were a lot of trucks.

We must have been famished! The only thing we had really done thus far in DC was eat a cupcake!

It was getting close to lunch time, so we ate!

After checking out the trucks, Nana went with the barbecue. She got a HUGE sandwich. She said it was good. Sorry, I didn’t get any pics.

The rest of us headed over to the Halal Grill.

Personally, I was very excited to have the food truck experience. Eating at Halal Grill was great! Mohammad, the owner, was very nice and personable, which goes a long way in my book!

We all had the Chicken on Pita. The kids opted for no “salad” on theirs.

Oh, man! Was it ever good! I’m salivating just thinking about it.

It looks spicy, but it isn’t too spicy–just yummy!

I’m sure their other offerings are just as delicious. If I ever make it back that way, I’ll be getting the Chicken on Pita again. Can’t help it.

The weather was just right for a picnic in the park. You may have noticed our jackets. The high was about 79˚ the day we were there–in June!

You can see where the Halal Grill truck will be next by following the link.