Our  next day in Virginia was not really in Virgina.

We took the train to Washington, D.C.

Our train left at 6:30! In the MORNING!

Can you tell I’m not much of a morning person? I really enjoy BEING up and about early in the day. It’s the GETTING up that I don’t care for too much.

The train station was about 20 minutes from the house. We had to have time to get dressed and ready to go, eat breakfast, and get to the station a little early-just in case. We go up at about 4:30. At least that’s when we started trying to get up!  The kids were so excited. They sprang right out of bed, as much as one can spring at 4:30 in the morning.

We grabbed some Micky D’s before our trip. I just love McDonald’s breakfast. Egg McMuffin, please!

I had never ridden on a big train before. I’ve been on the little commuter kinds that go around a city like the People Mover in Detroit. I even rode the Monorail when we went to Disney World. This was the big time.

This was Amtrak!

We were all very excited about our trip.

Only excited people take pictures at a train station.

Ha! Nana thought she was getting out of the picture! This photo cracks me up!

I was seated backward for the trip. Katie liked for us to spy on each other in the glass.

The trip was long for people who were up early. We all rested a bit on the way.

We finally arrived at Union Station around 8:15. It was beautiful inside!

Now, off for our adventures in D.C.!