Our late lunch at Buz and Ned’s meant that no one was really hungry around supper time.

Later, we kinda just grazed a bit. Then Nana pulled out this treat…

She told me she picked these up at Costco.


They were soooo yummy!

Individual microwavable cakes!

Check out the nutritional facts…

Yes–that does say 18 grams of fat! Don’t judge! We were on vacation! All 18 grams tasted delicious!

Here is the little kitchen helper…

They cook in the microwave for 55 seconds. Let them cool for 2 minutes. Put a plate on the top of the pan, flip, and remove pan.

I can NEVER purchase these. I would want to eat one every afternoon.

We saved the little microwavable bundt pans. They were too cute to throw away. Any suggestions on what to make in them?