Since we had a big, late breakfast, no one was starving at lunch time. This worked out well with the timing of the reenactment.

So, at about 3:00, Nana and Bud took us to a barbecue place there in Richmond for a late lunch or early supper or as my Uncle John calls it–lupper.

Apparently real barbecue is hard to come by in Virginia. When I say “real barbecue” I’m talkin’ Memphis-style barbecue, baby!

I’m a pulled pork kind of gal. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna hate on you if you like that stuff they make down in Texas, bless your heart.

Nana and Bud tried out several place before they found a place called Buz and Ned’s . It met with their approval, so they took us to test it for ourselves.

We proudly placed our orders for pulled pork sandwiches and took a seat.

The food was really good. We also got an order of onion rings to split. I won’t make that mistake again. Everyone needs their own!

We must have devoured our food. Nobody stopped eating long enough to take pictures! Hello?! I am a food blogger here! Sometimes eating is just more important.

To make up for the lack of food pics, we took family photos. I’m sure you are thrilled!

We all liked Buz and Ned’s. The kids really liked the rooster outside.

If you are in the Richmond area try it out for yourself!

After “lupper” we just happen to drive by a DSW shoe store.

The guys were not so thrilled! They were able to find a comfy place to sit down and amuse themselves.