Our first official day in Virgina centered around history.

After our yummy breakfast, we headed to St. John’s Church in Richmond.

St. John’s is site of the historic Patrick Henry “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech of 1775.

It is presently an active Episcopal church.

We attended the reenactment of the Second Virgina Convention of March 1775.

Nana and Bud had been to the reenactment before. They enjoyed it so much that they wanted to take us. Bud even made up a questionnaire/scavenger hunt for the girls. Some of the answers were found by studying the website prior to attending the reenactment. Other answers were found during the performance or in the graveyard surrounding the church. Each answer was worth $1 from Bud! They both got them all right, go figure.

The church adopted Charlie, a stray cat, as their own. He was even a line-item in the church budget!

Here we are with “Patrick Henry”. No photography was allowed during the presentation. The speech was quite riveting!

The girls with “George Washington”.

This little chapel was so cute. I think they said they use it as the nursery.

I had to have my picture with the giant ginkgo tree. I have never seen one so big!

We all enjoyed our afternoon at St. John’s. Of course we hit up the gift shop afterward!