Our family just returned from a fabulous vacation in Virginia. I could cram all the pictures and details into one blog. I decided to break it up a bit instead–keep you guessing.

You may be asking yourself, why Virginia?

That is where the grandparents live! So, that is where the frequent-flyer miles that belonged to the grandparents took us!

We were happy to oblige.

The girls were very excited to ride on an airplane again. The first leg of our flight took us to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

It is a very big airport, but we rode on a little plane.

We had about 4 hours to kill while we were there. First order of business was lunch!

We had to stop at Johnny Rockets. The burgers and shakes were calling us!

After lunch we wandered around to different shops. We saw a set of stairs leading to a landing, so we decided to take them. Our main concern was just trying to find a place to sit back and relax for an hour or so.

We stumbled upon the O’Hare Urban Garden!

The airport is going as green as it can. This is an aeroponic garden.

Aeroponics is a method of
growing plants in a water and mineral nutrient solution without soil. Aeroponics is
becoming increasingly popular around the world as agricultural land uses must compete
with developers for limited open space.

It was really cool! Not at all what you expect to find inside an airport.

The herbs, lettuces and vegetables are used in the restaurants there in the terminal.

The airport also has an apiary on the grounds. (An apiary is a bee hive farm. Learn something new every day!)

Pretty neat stuff.

Well, be prepared. There will be several posts about our vacation.

Stay tuned!