Let me take you on a trip to the past.

Several years ago, oh, about 5 or 6, I was on my annual trek to Dallas for a Sweet Adelines competition. This left Chip and the girls at home to fend for themselves. That Saturday morning Chip, being the great dad that he is, asked the girls, “Y’all want to make a movie?”  Since I wasn’t there, I have to imagine there were squeals of delight as they scrambled around for costumes and props. There was no script. The movie was written and directed as the day progressed.

Please enjoy “Pirates of the Secret Island”.

These videos will be updated with higher quality videos soon. They just take longer to add to the blog. Guess I was impatient.

Weren’t the girls so little and cute?! Didn’t you LOVE the swords?

They had a great time making that movie. It was so fun to hear them talk about it when I came home.

The next year, they decided to make another movie. This time they made it when I was available to be part of the action. I was given the job of costume mistress. We dug out piratey-looking clothes, smudged some make up on faces, and made new “high-tech” swords.

“Pirates of the Secret Island 2: Return to the Secret Island”

What a difference a costume/props mistress makes!

A third movie was inevitable. The first two were just too much fun!

“Pirates of the Secret Island 3: Escape from the Secret Island”

I think that one is my favorite.

As if three back yard movies weren’t enough, Chip decided to do a 4th movie. This time Dash and Will needed a crew. So, the director sent out a casting call to some of the girls’ friends. (No, he didn’t copy the Indiana Jones movies and add aliens to the 4th movie. Can I just have a moment here? How? Why? What were they thinking? Aliens?! Ok, I’m better now.)

So, the 4th movie was filmed at the end of March. Each kiddo, or parent, was responsible for his or her own costume. I may have done ok on costume upgrades for two but four more was over my head. They all looked GREAT!

I did dress the part–the part of costume mistress. If you look really hard you can see I have on a skull and crossbones shirt. Oh, the things you can find at Goodwill!

What fun!

Pirate water was the drink of the day.

Pirate snacks were provided for the “wrap party’. The idea for the snack cups came from here.

I’ll show you the 4th movie in the next post, along with pictures from the Premier! For now, enjoy this little clip:

The Making of Pirates of the Secret Island 4