I love lemony desserts!

When I saw this recipe for Lemonade Layer Cake on Pinterest, I knew I would be trying it soon!

Be sure to click the link above for the recipe. You can even print it out from there.

It went together pretty easily.

Mix the butter, sugar and wet ingredients. Mix the flour and dry ingredients. Add dry to sugar mixture alternately with buttermilk. Pretty standard instructions. For some reason I am reminded of a song from my childhood…

“First you put the butter in. Then you put the sugar in. Then you put the shortenin’ in a cup. Then you put the flour in. Then you put the shortenin’ in. Then you take a spoon and stir it up. Then you take it and put it in to bake. Don’t forget to take it out for heaven’s sake! When you go to take it our, everybody starts to shout, “Here comes a great big birthday cake!”

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that song is in this book:

Great Grandmother Cat Tales

Correct me if I’m wrong, Mom.

Sorry, I got a little off track there.

Here comes the great big, uh, Monday night cake!

There was lemon zest in the cake batter. Next time I think I’ll put just a little more. I do like lemon! The recipe called for 1 Tablespoon of grated lemon rind. I got to use my handy-dandy microplane. I used the zest of about one small lemon.

There was zest in the frosting, too. I used two lemons!

Just look at all that lemony goodness in the frosting!!

Yum! This was a yummy cake. The texture was very dense, maybe from the buttermilk? Just a little more lemon in the cake batter and it will be perfection!

I had leftover lemonade concentrate. Guess I’ll have to make a Lemonade Pie.

All the photos, except for the tiny picture of the cake and the picture of the book, are courtesy of Chip Bayer Photography.

Critics’ Corner

Chip: It could have used just a touch more lemon. Other than that it was awesome! Very hefty–a hearty cake.

Megan: A scrumptious moist masterpiece with just a hint of lemon that was good to the last bite.

Katie: A moist, dense, remarkably rich cake! I enjoyed the frosting which had an amazingly non-lack of lemon. The texture was just right, and I think that Mom baked the cake to perfection!