I’m starting to like doing the fashion posts. Now, today I wouldn’t post what I am wearing. Worn out knit pants and a grungy t-shirt is just not what people want to see.

Last fall I bought a skirt at Goodwill that I really liked. A fuzzy leopard harvé benard skirt! It was about a size and a half too big, but it was only $4! I figured I could at least put a safety pin in the waistband for that price. Well, it has been hanging in my bedroom since I bought it. (I left it hanging from a floor lamp–not in the closet–so I wouldn’t forget to fix it.)

It seemed like I shouldn’t be wearing a fuzzy skirt after February. I really wanted to wear it this season, so I finally decided to take in the side seams.

Lo and behold! I found a similar outfit on Pinterest just before I fixed my skirt!

This came from polyvore.com. The polyvore version is $1,893.80!

Here is my version…

I think my outfit was just a little cheaper. I went with a charm bracelet rather than bangles. Check out that Sweet Adeline hardware!