If you are ever on Pinterest, you have seen this cute outfit from polyvore.com…..

I don’t really get Polyvore, but I like seeing ideas from other people.

I really liked this outfit. I especially liked the red with the neutrals–and the shoes!

I’ve been looking for some shoes like these for a while now. I found a lot with little bows on them, which I didn’t like. Then I found some online that were $565, which I really didn’t like!

Then I found these…

Aren’t they cute?! Even better-they weren’t $565! With shipping and tax they were less than $20. Can you guess where I got them?

Yep, Target.com. I had looked at Target. These are only available online.

Now for the rest of the outfit.

I had jeans and a white t-shirt, duh.

I had a cute tortoise watch my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

I had the cardigan. It was part of a silk sweater set my sister gave me a long time ago.

I had a red-ish beaded necklace, a cast-off from same sister. I thought it might work as a bracelet. No ring though, but that’s ok.

The main thing I didn’t have was a red scarf. I really liked the one in the picture. I just didn’t have anything quite like that. I guess I’ll just have to try to make something.

Well, the shoes arrived yesterday!!!

I was so excited! I just couldn’t wait until I had a read scarf to wear with them.

So, I thought I’d “test drive” my outfit. I didn’t really have any where to go.  At least I looked decent when my husband came home from work. haha

I used my necklace as a necklace since I didn’t have a scarf. It was okay, I still want to find/make a red scarf. It has to be just the right color of red, you know. My watch had silver on it rather than gold. I did like the gold in the original picture. I’ll try again once I have my accessories worked out. I am happy with the shoes though.