Dad and I both got the “holy grail’ of Christmas presents…

the iPad 2!

Now, every time I take the girls to their house for piano lessons, Dad and I pull out the iPads and compare apps. What a great bonding tool!

Dad and I are both cheep thrifty. The only apps either of us has are the FREE apps. There are so many cool ones that cost 99¢ but nooooooo! I’m not payin’ 99¢!

Dad had a birthday recently. I decided he needed a gift card to the App Store.

Since that was all he was getting, I made a cute little card to go with it.

I used just plain black construction paper. I knew I wanted an apple on the front, so I tried tracing the apple on the back of my iPad, but it was too small. The apple on the desktop didn’t work either. The apple on the laptop was perfect! Plus it lit up, which made it easier to trace. (Yes, we are Mac people.)

Wanting the card to look a little more iPadish, I rounded the corners. One of these days I’m going to buy myself one of those fancy corner-rounders.

I thought the lettering on the inside should look like computer keys. If we have a font that looks like computer keys, I didn’t know about it. So I made some up myself.

Yes, I am a procrastinator. I was hustling to get this card done. I waited until just before I was headed to his house to make the card! Yikes! It was almost time to get the kids from school, so I set myself an alarm. Look at that mess! I lost a couple of letters in my haste. My message ended up being shorter than I had planned.

I think it turned out pretty cute! Dad liked it, too! I can’t wait ’til next piano lesson to see what new apps he has.