Well, I had this great blog post in mind for you today. However, I have spent most of the morning looking through computer files for the pictures I wanted to use.

You would think that would be an easy thing to do. Not necessarily.

I would open up something like “Christmas 2007” and all the pictures start with DSC something or ‘nother. I could not find the pictures I wanted to use for ANYTHING! That’s ok-I didn’t have anything else to do today-ha!

I guess I know what one of my our New Year’s resolutions should be, huh?

Ok, enough complaining…

What you would have seen was a picture of an adorable snowman cheese ball I made a couple of years ago for a Christmas party.

It looked just like this one that Martha made. Here is her recipe.

Mine was actually a little cuter, I think. One day I will have a picture to prove it! I used those snowflake shaped Ritz crackers. Please see UPDATE below.

One word of caution…The recipe says to freeze until firm. DO NOT FREEZE ANY LONGER THAN ABOUT AN HOUR. I really thought it would thaw faster than it did.

Unfortunately, I took an adorable frozen cheese ball to the party. It looked cute, but no one wanted to eat it because you needed a chainsaw to serve it.

Learn from my mistake. Cute food is good. Cute and edible food is better!

This disaster followed my super cute broccoli wreath semi-disaster.

Isn’t that cute?!

I covered a styrofoam wreath with foil. Then I poked toothpicks in the broccoli and tomatoes. The ribbon is plastic, so it didn’t get yucky. Obviously, this picture was taken before the dip was added to the bowl.

What was the disaster part?

Nobody wants to eat broccoli at a Christmas party!

It was super cute on the table AND edible. Learn from my mistake. Cute food is good. Cute and edible food is better. Cute, edible and apparently unhealthy food gets eaten.

So, last year I made something similar to this…

Ok,, so this wasn’t the actual picture from the one I took to the party. I actually made the one for the party into a braid like this.

This is the recipe for “Turkey Cranberry Wreath”. It is a Pampered Chef recipe. Click on the picture to see it better.

I’ve been making this for years! You can see my notes on the cookbook page.  I have used chicken, mainly because I have it more often than turkey. This is a great recipe for leftover holiday turkey though!

You can make this in a braid, a wreath, or a ring. The ring is what is pictured today. The recipe will show you how to make a wreath. I think a ring is easier, myself.

All you do is open up two cans of crescent rolls. Then you lay them out on you baking stone (I don’t know what you do if you don’t have a baking stone. A pizza pan perhaps?) in a sunshine pattern.

Scoop you filling onto the fat part.

Then tuck the skinny part over the filling.

Give it an egg wash and bake.

Trust me, this went over much better than frozen cheese ball and broccoli!

What kind of yummies are you taking to Christmas parties this year?



So, I posted my story about my lost snowman pictures. About 2 minutes later I got an email from my sweet hubby with this attachment…

I was totally unaware this picture existed! Apparently I made one for his office party too! I totally forgot that I had made two of them!

Hooray! Proof!

Unfortunately, this does not excuse us from organizing our photo files-rats!