It’s another case of “I can do that!”

I guess it’s good that I have confidence in myself. However, I often tend to bite off more than I can chew.

I love seeing fancy cakes. I have even tried my hand at cake decorating. You can see some of my attempts here. One thing I have never tried using is fondant. I have mainly stayed away from fondant because I don’t particularly like the way it tastes. Maybe it’s more of a texture thing. Anyway, I have seen a ton of adorable cakes made with fondant. One of the amazing cakes I’ve seen, and if you are on Pinterest, you probably have too, is this camera cake.

Some gal’s hubby had this cake made for her for her birthday! Isn’t it awesome?! Check out the rest of her pictures here. They had it made at a place called Granny Schmidt’s in Pennsylvania.

I saw that picture and knew that was what I wanted for Chip’s birthday cake. He is a big photography nut and a Nikon loyalist. So, naturally, I thought I could do that-ha!

Ok, so I knew mine wouldn’t turn out quite the same.

Chip wanted an orange cake with chocolate frosting. He didn’t know he was getting a camera cake.

Yep, I baked the cake in a loaf pan and a tomato sauce can, cleaned out of course.

I did have to do a little shaving of the cake to make it the right shape.

Next, I frosted the cake. You’re supposed to use buttercream, according to the fondant directions. I had some ready to spread chocolate frosting in the pantry. Maybe the buttercream works better, don’t know.

I used some toothpicks in the “lens” part to hold it onto the rest of the cake. More on that later.

This is the fondant I used.

I went with chocolate because I thought it might taste better. I also thought it would be easier to tint. I got on facebook and picked the brains of my cake decorating friends. They made it sound simple enough. Well, our little Walmart didn’t have black food coloring. I thought I had some at home, so no big deal. Wrong! No black food coloring. I didn’t have time to truck it up to the “big city” to get food coloring. So, we had a brown camera cake. I think I would have worn myself out working the coloring into the fondant anyway.

Here is how the fondant looks out of the package—like a lump of clay.

The pros really make this look easy. Maybe because they are artists before they are cake decorators! I do not claim to be an artist at all! My kids laugh when I draw stick figures!

I did like playing with the fondant. I felt like I was back in my Play-doh days. Except fondant is not as pliable as Play-doh. I still got a workout.

I didn’t have all the fancy fondant mats and rollers and smoothers and cutters. I just wasn’t going to make that kind of investment. That green thing you see is one of those baking mats you can put in the oven. It was smooth on the back side, so I used it.

Once I had the fondant rolled to about the size of my mat, I picked the whole thing up and draped it over the cake.

You may notice the absence of the “lens” here. I figured it would be easier to cover the body and the lens separately, so I removed it, covered it, and stuck it back on with my handy dandy toothpicks.

Ok, let me explain why I have a picture of a corsage box in this post.

I wanted the lens to have a more glass-like appearance. I cut out the bottom of this box to use for the glass. Sometimes being a pack rat comes in handy.

The Tootsie Roll was for that little red swoosh on the front of the camera. I figured since we had a ton of trick-or-treat candy laying around, why not use it!

I will admit, I cut some corners that I shouldn’t have cut.  Rather than use a reusable pastry bag for my piping, I used a plastic baggie. Don’t do that! My baggie sprang a leak right onto my cake! Don’t worry, it was pretty easy to fix.

I don’t think my kitchen had ever been quite this messy before! (Yes, those pictures are blurry. Taking a picture of the carnage was an after thought.)

I think it turned out pretty cute, even if my skills are far from professional.