I’ve been noticing a lot of folks already decorating for Christmas. Now I’m no Scrooge, but I’m still enjoying fall and gearing up for Thanksgiving.

I totally get the working on Christmas crafts and the honing Christmas cookie recipes. Personally, I wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. We always get a fresh Christmas tree, so that does play in to the waiting.

When do YOU start to decorate for Christmas?

Here are some of my fall photos…

I know you’re probably saying-Wow! That’s a lot of pumpkins! Our sweet friends over at Fletcher Farms invited us to a pumpkin pickin’ party. We had a blast!

This wreath is one of my favorite decorations, even if it is starting to look a little sad and worn out. I had seen a wreath like this in a magazine long, long ago.

I thought, “I can do that!”

Raise your hand if you have ever said that.

I hurried off to Kroger and bought me some Indian Corn. I brought it home and tried to cut it. Try was about all I could do. It was pitiful. My father-in-law ended up taking my corn home with him and used a big electric saw. Of course, that was much easier.

The middle of the corn was soft. I poked it with an ice pick. Then I threaded the cut corn onto a coat hanger. I realize it is a little out of round, the raffia is lookin’ kinda frumpy, and a lot of the kernels have fallen off the corn. (It is 17 years old.) I don’t care. I still like it. Although, maybe next year I’ll work on that raffia.

This is a picture I yanked out of a Pottery Barn catalog many moons ago. It may have even been Pottery Barn Kids.

I thought, “I can do that!”

Well, I did.

I made these a couple of years ago. I had to make up the pattern myself. I did a lot wrong in making them, but they turned out cute anyway. No, I didn’t make it where you could put the silverware in the leaves.

See why I’m waiting to put up my Christmas tree?