It was 80˚ around here the other day. Today it is in the 50s. How’s a girl supposed to dress??

I have not yet made the big switch in the closet from summer clothes to winter clothes. I really have to mentally prepare myself for that adventure-ugh! Besides, it is going to be in the 70s with storms by next week.

After hanging out in frumpy clothes for a couple of rainy days, I decided to spruce myself up a bit. Now, why I decided to take pictures of myself and tell you all about it is beyond me. Bear with me.

I have a new appreciation for all those gals who write style blogs. Like this one. It is no small task to take a decent picture of yourself.

First, I had to get out the tripod and figure out how to work it.

Then, I had to call tech support, aka my husband, to get instructions on how to use the timer on the camera.

After that I had to figure out which buttons I had accidentally pushed to make the viewing screen show me nine pictures!

All this just to get ready to go to Walmart-ha!

I’m sure you have seen that scarves are back this fall. Hooray! I still have all of mine from the 80s! I worked at the Limited when I was in high school. We sold a scarf with every sweater, jacket, and pair of socks! For some reason I could never part with my scarf collection. Today, I decided to wear one of my oldies by goodies. But what would I wear it with? I pulled out a hand-me-down corduroy jacket and a cheapo camel colored t-shirt.

What do ya think? Kinda’ looks like my head is floating.

Do you like that look of disgust on my face? I was fed up with taking pictures of myself with no head.

Check out those earrings. I have had them forever, too! I got them when I was in high school. My friend Becky and I used to hit the flea markets looking for jewelry. I found these on one of our trips.

Here is one of the chopped-off-head pictures. I was trying to get a close up of the scarf.

Outback Red-baby!

Here is a picture where I chopped off my leg!

I love my little gray Mary Jane shoes. I think my sister gave them to me many years ago. Look! I’m even wearing trouser socks that match my shirt. The ribbing is reminiscent of the cordoury jacket! Okay, I didn’t really plan that last part.

Well, what do you think? Did I embarrass myself at Walmart?

(Please consider it was Walmart! I did, however, only see one person in pajamas today.)

Have you been wearing scarves—new OR from the 80s?