Sunday night during potluck my friend, Jan, brought up the topic of popcorn balls. I know, that sounds strange. We were talking about all kinds of recipes and such. I’m sure the guys were thrilled.

Anyway, I mentioned that I had made popcorn balls a couple of years ago at Christmas time.

Today I got a message form Jan asking for my popcorn ball recipe. It took a bit to unearth it, but I found it.  It was the last recipe in the box. I thought maybe some of you might like to have the recipe, too.  Looks like I clipped it out of the newspaper at some point.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture. I looked and looked to see if I had one. No such luck. That was before my blogging days.

They did turn out pretty cute though. I added red and green M&Ms to make them look a little more festive.

You have to work pretty fast making popcorn balls otherwise it will just be a big clump in the pan.

Buttered hands are key as well.

I also used my tube pan to make popcorn cakes for a few folks.

Good luck, Jan. Let us all know about your experience.