About a month or so before our chorus went to Houston, we drew names for a Secret Pal. We didn’t have to spend a lot of money. We just gave a little something to our pal each week. It just was a little bonding-motivational-fun type of thing.

One week I gave my pal some nice body creme wrapped in orange and black paper with a froofy bow, and I made her a really cute card. At least I thought it was cute. Did I remember to take a picture-no! I hate it when I do that. Anyway, remember when I went to that Fork and Talk party and came home with loads of cool craft stuff? Click here for your refresher.

One of the things I received was a cute little paper punch from EKSuccess.I punched little spiders along the bottom of a half sheet of black paper. Then I stuck a piece of orange paper to the back. (Yes, I realize the above picture is on orange paper. That photo is from the EKSuccess site.)

Suddenly I had an epiphany! Mom had given me some double-sided stick on letters last year! Plus I had bought some glitter on clearance after Christmas.

I had to call Milana, my pal, to see if she would take a picture of the card for me.

Look, she put the black froofy on her pumpkin.

I think it turned out cute! She was pleased to have something with her name on it—spelled correctly!