My friend, Joanna, invited me over for a craft day a couple of weeks ago. Birds of a feather flock together—she is even more addicted to Pinterest than I am. I know, this is the third post in a row that I mention my addiction. They say admiting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Anyway…I took a project that has been stashed away in a drawer for a while. I made considerable progress, which is to say, I got started. I thought I would work on my craft again later in the week. Instead, I shoved it all back in the drawer. Ugh!

So yesterday we had our second craft day. Lots of fun! One of the rules for our craft day has been to bring your own lunch. This takes the pressure off of anyone to be the hostess. Although, I like being the hostess. No big cleaning of the house is allowed either. Hallelujah! Big cleaning of the house, I do not like.

For the second attempt at crafting, I figured I should try to make something that I could actually finish. Rather than pour over my own craft books, like I need to do, I headed to my Pin Board.

Isn’t this cute?! This is from Little Miss Momma. You can see her very easy tutorial here. I love it! I really like her shirt, too.

I was out at garage sales the other day. I picked up a gray t-shirt for 50¢. I cut up the shirt for the flowers.

Later that day I found myself at Goodwill. I was about to leave and I saw a long-sleeved gray and white stripped Old Navy t-shirt! Now, it was not quite as cute as Ashley’s, but it was similar. For only $3.00 it would work!

While Joanna worked on her felt ornaments, I cut out little circles. (See the tutorial link above.)

I was not sure what to do about a chain. Believe it or not I almost used a chain from a toilet flapper!!! (A CLEAN/NEW toilet flapper!!) I ended up with a dog tag type chain. It’s what I had. Joanna didn’t like my chain. I think it turned out cute. The nice thing about the dog tag chain is I can add to it and make it longer if I want.

I added one step to Ashley’s tutorial. I added a slicky fabric to the back of the large felt piece. I was afraid the felt on the cotton shirt would not move like I wanted.

I mostly finished my project while Joanna was here. I had to finish up this evening.

Thanks,  Ashley, for the great project idea. I can’t wait to show it off to everyone!