I’m sure that the Romans didn’t use decimals. This post is actually a continuation of the last one. We were using Cézanne’s technique of  painting with rectangles. This was the next day-thus the.V or .5 or not yet VIII! Well, you get it. I hope.

First we went outside and found a pretty leaf on the ground.

We came inside and the girls traced the leaves onto some paper. Then they cut out the leaf shape to make a stencil.

  While the girls worked on their stencils, I cut a rectangle shape into two halves of a potato. They both had to have a stamp, ya’ know.

Next, we taped the stencil over a fresh sheet of paper.

Let the stamping begin!

They were supposed to kinda’ leave the rectangles showing. I think they liked it better to not have it that way.

Finally, remove the stencil for the big reveal.


Megan's prints

Katie's prints

I think they liked painting with potatoes!