Paul Cézzanne is actually considered a Post-Impressionist. He is often referred to as the father of Modern Art. He is very well known for his still life paintings. “A big, solid mountain or a well-behaved basket of fruit was much easier to deal with than a squirming model.”

Cézanne came from a wealthy family with an overbearing father. He was shy and didn’t have many friends. One day at school, a group of kids was picking on a boy. Cézanne stood up for the boy. As a thank you, the boy, Émile Zola, sent a basket of apples to Cézanne. The two became best friends. Perhaps this is why we see apples in so many of Cézanne’s paintings.

Cézanne had ideas that were different from his Impressionist contemporaries. He thought that shapes found in nature should be simplified. Many of his paintings appear to be made up of numerous rectangles. His goal was to “make something solid and durable out of Impressionism.”

Cézanne wasn’t what you would call a rule follower. He ignored the rule of linear perspective. If something was important in his painting, it shouldn’t shrink just because it was far away.

Aerial perspective was also hogwash, according to Cézanne. Every part of the picture was equally important. Images near and far were painted with bold colors.

Cézanne showed depth in his paintings by overlapping objects. He also used color. Blues and greens seem to recede while warmer colors, red, orange, yellow, pop off the page.

The Cézanne project was to, you guessed it, draw a still life.

I set out some fruit for the girls to sketch.

  Remember, perspective is everything. The girls were sitting in different spot, so they saw the fruit differently.

Let the sketching begin!

After they sketched the fruit, I made a copy on my printer. Now they had the exact same picture to color twice.

The first picture was to have background colors that were cool and warm colors for the fruit.

Can you guess how the second picture was to be colored? Yep! Warm background with cool fruit.

The fruit was chosen intentionally. A lemon would look like a lime if painted green. A peach and a plum have similar shapes. Pears can be yellow or green.

Katie insisted on using markers and doing her own thing with the background.

Megan used color pencils.

I think they did a great job. It is amazing the difference color can make!