I saw this little blurb on Craft Gossip.com the other day.

I read the info and lo and behold the event was to be held in Little Rock! I figured hey, I like to eat, I like to craft! I signed up to get an invitation. Well, come to find out the “Fork and Talk” was mainly for craft bloggers. Since my blog is mostly supposed to be about recipes, I didn’t really think I would get invited. But guess what! I got an invitation!!! I was so excited! My first event for bloggers! I could hardly wait! Chip was excited too. He got me a special bag to take on the big day. Isn’t he sweet! Let me hear you all together now, awwww.


Not only was I excited about going to meet other bloggers from around the area, but I was also excited about the restaurant. Did I mention that I like to eat?

Our lunch was at Trio’s. Trio’s is one of those places I’ve always heard about but had never been.

EKSuccess Brands sponsored this first time blogger meet and greet with Craft Gossip. (I had never heard of the company until now. Check out their website. You will recognize a lot of the products they distribute.)

They picked up the tab for lunch AND supplied us with a fabulous swag bag! I’ve never gotten a “swag bag” before! Ooo, the excitement!

We had four menu options. Click picture to enlarge.

I went with the Trio’s Chicken Salad. It was soooo yummy! I highly recommend it. They used tarragon in their recipe. I’m not sure I have ever used tarragon. hmmmm


The most popular menu item was the Leilani. It looked yummy too.

Before our food arrived, we went around the room introducing ourselves and telling a little about our blogs. There were a couple of games going on during the introductions. First, there was the “forbidden word” game. The forbidden word of the day was “make” or any form of the word. (Yes, you should be using your Password voice.) If anyone said the forbidden word  someone would stick a neon sticker on them. The person with the least stickers at the end of the day got a prize. I only got one sticker. I only got it for calling someone else out! I accidentally said it. Rats!

The other game was a guessing game. There was a bottle filled with crafty buttons. Everyone tried to guess how many. I didn’t win that either, but a lady at my table did!


These are the ladies I sat with at the beginning of the day.

After lunch we switched up a little, so we could chat with different people. Here are those new friends.

There was a prize for the person who had come the farthest distance. I really expected that most people would have come from the Little Rock area. There were people there from all over the state! The lady who won came from Virginia! She was in town visiting her mother. There were folks from the Memphis, TN  area, too.

We had a little group project. Each table was given a black hat to decorate. There were some supplies set our for us to use.

Our group used a Mardi Gras theme.

Of course there was a prize! Our table won!!! We got a neat little punch needle kit!

Next we worked on a flower project individually. The EKSuccess folks were supposed to be on a Skype call with us from Australia. Too bad the technology didn’t cooperate.

After we had worked on our flowers a while, the Craft Gossip ladies invited us to pick up our swag bags!


EKSuccess sent us so many goodies they wouldn’t fit in the bag they sent! We had to carry home TWO bags of crafty goodness!!! Ooooo, the excitement!

As excited as I was, I just kinda peeked into my bag. I looked at other people’s stuff as they pulled it out of the bags. I didn’t want to lose anything.

When I came home I spread everything out in the den.

Deep breath! I know ! The crafty goodness!

Here’s a closer look. Click on the picture to see even closer.

It was a wonderful day! Thank you Craft Gossip and EKSuccess!

I have been doing some exploration with my new supplies. Fun, fun, fun!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know other bloggers in my area. I would love to attend another one of these type things. This is our group picture. Notice many of us are wearing our flowers we made. Also notice some folks are wearing lots of neon stickers.

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