I made asked the girls to wash the car this morning. We drove down the old highway the other night. Summertime highway driving at night can only mean one thing…a windshield FULL of bugs! Yeah, it was bad. When you drive between a corn field and a rice field with a fish farm dead ahead I suppose you shouldn’t expect any different.

Since the bugs have been baked onto the car for a couple of days, I thought they might need a little muscle. Enter the muscle…

Oh, yeah! Insert your best Tim “the toolman” Taylor impression here.

I just have to say…I love using the power washer. The POWER! The instant effect of clean! It is amazing!!!!!

The girls didn’t really need the power washer to get the bugs off. I just needed an excuse to play. It’s a good thing they didn’t need it. It took me a while to figure out how to hook it up again.


I started out spraying the gutters. Big improvement! Next I did a little of the brick. Wow! That led me to the sidewalk, where I stayed for quite a while.  About half way down the sidewalk I thought-hey, I should blog about this! Why, I don’t know. Just because.

That’s not sidewalk chalk, folks. That is the clean space. I used the tight spray nozzle to write. The rest is crud! Dirt and grime from the trees and such.

Sweet Katie came outside to see if I wanted a sandwich. Awwww, I know. Off she went to “play” in the kitchen.

I was very grateful because I was starting to wear down. Then I remembered there was a lock, so you don’t have to squeeze the whole time. Great! Until….I pinched my finger in the lock!

When Katie came out with the sandwich, I sent her back for a Band Aid. I was the first one to get to use a Phineas and Ferb band aid! Woo Hoo!

Lunch is over. Back to work. I have a bit more to do!

Ok, I had to come back and add some “after” photos.

Now, isn’t that better?! Yes, it is!

I even washed my Mom’s hands. This is at the end of the sidewalk. Mom put her hands in the cement when it was poured. She was 9 at the time.