After studying Monet for a while, we have finally moved on to Pierre August Renoir.

Renoir was one of five children who came from a poor family in Limoges, France. The family moved to a small apartment in Paris-right next door to King Louis-Philippe and his wife Queen Marie Amelie.

As a teen, Renoir had a job at a porcelain factory painting designs on plates, cups, and vases. He was quickly promoted to painting portraits of famous people on the pieces. One of the most popular portraits was Marie Antoinette, former Queen of France. Renoir was replaced by a machine when he was 17.

Renoir had several  jobs of painting murals in cafes. In his spare time he would study the masters in near-by museums.

When he was 20 years old, Renoir decided to get serious about his art and study with the well known Charles Gleyre.  This is where he met Claude Monet. The two became good friends. Renoir was rather shy, and Monet was more outspoken.

The two starving artists lived together and pooled their resources for their apartment, art studio, and food.

Renoir’s first had a painting accepted by the Salon in 1863. More were accepted as well, but only the ones done in a traditional style. Renoir, however, preferred the “new” style of painting. No one wanted to be painted by one of the “lunatics”. Renoir was able to use his charm to convince wealthy women to sit for a portrait! Being able to tap into the wealthy ego of the time was good for the Impressionist movement.


Renoir liked to paint pictures of women and children. He liked to paint images of people enjoying themselves outdoors.

That being said, our activity was to make a self-portrait!

Megan has had this assignment several times in art class. I think it may have been a first for Katie.

Doing a little prep work.

Mirror mirror...

Carefully studying

I can tell she is really thinking about what she is doing.

My lefty!

Let the artwork begin!

The focused artist!

Off to a great start!

This is going to be good!

Self-Portrait by Katie Bayer

Artist with her work

Self-Portrait by Megan Bayer

Artist with her work

I guess I am going to have to ask for forgiveness because I am ONE PROUD MAMA!

Wow! Just Wow!

They did such a great job!

Megan hung hers on the line. Katie drew hers in her special new sketch book and didn’t want to tear it out to hang it.

They had me do a self-portrait too.

Mine got lost some how. Yeah, that’s what happened, it “got lost”.