I had some ground beef that really needed to be used. You know what I mean? I know, I could have stuck it in the freezer, but we DID have to eat supper!

After flipping through a cookbook or two, I came across a promising recipe for enchiladas.

Ree, I call her Ree now, since we met and all-haha,  has a wonderful tutorial over on her website.

I have had this Enchilada mix packet in my cabinet for I don’t know how long! I don’t know why I even bought it. I have never made enchiladas in my life. Either there was a sale or I had an ambition once upon a time. The thought of using up this mix made the recipe look that much better!

PW’s recipe calls for making your own sauce. Since I had the mix, I followed the directions on the back of the packet and used that!

There are a few things I left out of my experiment.

Cilantro! I just can’t stand it!

I think you either love it or hate it. I am in the latter camp. Sorry.

Black olives. Didn’t have any. Don’t really care for them.

Green onions. Didn’t have any. I just couldn’t make myself go back to the store again. Have you been there?

I do wish I had had some green onions. They would have livened up the appearance of the dish. Oh, well, three-fourths of the family would have picked them off anyway.

PW calls for two cans of green chilies. I only had one. Yummy with one. Two would definitely give more kick!

Here are some the photos from along the way. Really, go to her website. No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel folks!

See what I mean. It’s just brown and brown. A little green onion would have been pretty.

What you don’t see in these pictures is how messy these were to make. I felt like I was up to my elbows in enchilada sauce!

I fried up some of the extra tortillas to be crunchy. They were so yummy!

Katie said they tasted like popcorn! She liked eating the crunchy ones plain.

Megan loaded the crunchy tortillas with beans and rice-mmmmm!

Critics‘ Corner:

Chip: Very, very good. They taste just like they came from “Casa de Awesome”!

Megan: It was good, but I like El Torito’s better. They had chicken in theirs. (El Torito is a local restaurant. Next time we will have to try chicken!)

Katie: So delicious! Savored every bite!