The third day in our Impressionists study did not have a lesson. There were several projects in the book we are using that reflected, pun intended, on Monet’s style. We decided to stick with Monet a little longer.

Monet was intrigued with the way images were reflected in water. Many of his paintings show this. He is also very well know for his water lily art.

Our first activity dealt with reflections.

The biggest issues on this project was using chalk. Neither of the girls likes the way chalk feels. Too bad I don’t still have my chalk holder from my teaching days.

The first step was to glue a half sheet of dark blue construction paper on the bottom half of a sheet of light blue construction paper.

Next, draw an outdoor scene on the light blue side.

The last step is to lightly mist the entire piece of art with water. Fold the page in half, so the image is laying on the dark blue paper. Rub the back of the paper to transfer the image.

When I sprayed the first one, I didn’t really think it was going to work. Nothing showed up at first. Let me tell you, Katie was not excited about spraying hers and having it possibly ruined. As the water dried, the “reflection” appeared. It was really cool!

Snow in the Summer-by Megan Bayer

Car Sale by the Lake-by Katie Bayer

Not only were there Impressionist artists during this period. There were also Impressionist musicians.  “Some musicians tried to imitate light and color using new techniques, too.” French composers Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy were among the Impressionist composers. My mother, who happens to be a piano teacher, loaned us some CDs from her collection.

We chose Debussy first, since he was mentioned in our study. We enjoyed listening to his music while creating artwork!

Our next project was a nod to Monet’s 20 years of painting water lilies. We made paper water lilies.

To make the water lilies you need 3 six inch squares of pink construction paper, 3 three inch squares of yellow construction paper, and one sheet of green construction paper cut into a lily pad shape.

Use a quarter to mark the center on the pink paper and a nickel on the yellow paper. Draw eight petals on each. Once all the flowers are cut out, paint them to make have a more Impressionistic look.

Someone mentioned that the paint water looked good enough to drink. The weather here has been terribly hot!

No, they are not drinking paint water. That is raspberry lemonade-mmmmm!

After painting in the heat, for what seemed like forever, it was time to let the paint dry. I didn’t really think it would take too long. The girls did need to cool off a bit. What better way to cool off than with POPSICLES!

Break’s over!!!!

Crease each petal in half length-wise and fold up at the base.

Then stack the pink  flowers together so each layer shows. Do the same with the yellow and attach it to the pink. Glue it all on the lily pad.

Katie's lily. She decided not to add the yellow parts.

Megan's lily.

Part II

Part I